Student Community Engagement

Whilst employed at the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement I led and developed a number of research projects related to student-community engagement. Student-community engagement can be described as the myriad of ways in which students interact purposefully with communities whether this be through informal or formal volunteering or through structured curriculum linked programmes. Example projects included managing the largest study of student volunteering to date Bursting the Bubble: Students, Volunteering and the Community and co-authoring publications including literature reviews and published papers. These include the development of a framework for assessing student learning (NCCPE, 2011)Student community engagement and the development of graduates attributes, (Special issue of Education and Training, 2011), Literature Review: Exploring the role of Public Engagement within Teaching, Learning and Assessment, (NCCPE, 2011), and Synthesis – Student Volunteering: Background, Policy and Context, (NCCPE, 2009).


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