Local Vision Evaluation

With rising demand and reducing budgets, organisations are facing increasing pressure to maintain public services for those most in need. The Systems Leadership: Local Vision programme sets out to embed at a local level, radically different ways to address these challenges. The core principle underlying the programme is to foster leaders with capability to work collaboratively across boundaries and generate solutions to complex issues that are not in the gift of individual organisations or services to solve. There are approximately 45 projects being funded by the Systems Leadership Steering Group across a range of issues, from tackling alcohol abuse, addressing food poverty and supporting people with dementia. People on each project have come together with the shared vision of transforming services through leadership development and new ways of working.

In 2015, I worked with Bristol Leadership Centre to undertake an evaluation of the Local Vision programme, through a series of semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders. The evaluation aimed to assist the Leadership Centre in better understanding the impact of the programme, looking at how it has raised awareness of Systems Leadership and unpicking the key ingredients of effective systems leadership interventions.


Interim evaluation of the first place-based programmes for Systems Leadership: Local Vision. Download Full report or Executive summary

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