There is more to watching films than meets the eye. Experiencing films together can change our lives, communities and society for the better. ‘The Bigger Picture‘ is a web platform that showcases stories which demonstrate the value of film primarily in the context of cultural cinema exhibition. Through diverse stories collected by cinemas and the wider film sector across the UK. Practitioners and researchers can search for case studies, articles and research by region, impact area such as social cohesion and economic value as well as focus areas such as young people, access and diversity. Developed by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN), the platform aims to encourage the sharing of best practice; including learning outcomes (the good, the bad and the ugly) as well as testimonials and shareable resources.

In 2016, I was commissioned by the Watershed to develop the research section of the platform. Sourcing, reviewing and synthesising recent studies into the impact that film can have individuals and their communities, drawing out and presenting salient findings for practitioners, curators and cinema managers. The framework for the website was informed by work I had done previously under the ‘Film Matters‘ project with New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) and PIP Creatives.


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