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1000 True Fans

What did you dream about when you were younger? What do you dream about these days? I wanted to be a footballer. I also imagined walking on the moon. And following Icarus, only not getting so close to the sun. I sometimes wonder if our lives are only ever as good as our dreams. If we can’t think of doing something, how can we work towards it? Get our dreams right and the rest will follow. Of course it’s not really that straight forward is it – Icarus and his father Daedalus were escaping imprisonment from the walls that Daedalus had dreamt up – the Labyrinth.

When I was twenty, I dreamt mostly of hoboing around the globe, meeting and relying on the help of strangers. Taking a plethora of jobs and moving on once I had enough for the next leg of my journey. In some strange way, it amused me to think this would help me become a better writer (several of the author biographies I came across at that time showed evidence of ‘multiple-lives’ before turning to writing that novel). These days my dreams are more settled, more grounded and more earthed. So those are the things I work towards. Ten years ago, I could never have dreamt of what I dream of now.


2 thoughts on “1000 True Fans”

  1. Georgie Burr

    Very well written there Rave.
    Happy to be a fan and see where it goes 🙂

  2. Harriet Symes

    I’m in I’m in! Pom poms are waving enthusiastically while reading…

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