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This chapter to be published shortly in CfP edited book Film Festival Activism: Actors, Spectators, Social Change explores two approaches I used to help the Bristol Palestine Film Festival reach a wider audience and the various dilemmas this brought about. Specifically I focus on (i) the use of Audience Segmentation models to better understand the motivations, knowledge and interests of the public that we were seeking to attract and (ii) the use of systems thinking to curate a film programme which portrays the complexities of life in Palestine as a means to develop a deeper and more authentic connection between audiences and the subject matter on screen.

I reflect on some of the difficulties of applying these approaches particularly when working with groups who have deeply held views on the subject. I conclude by drawing on evaluative data to assess how effective the approaches were at bringing in a wider audience, at creating efficacy between viewer and subject and at inspiring active responses to the worsening humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Image: (c) Nic Kane


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