We thrive on building a rapport with people, facilitating others talents, organising, mobilising and helping ideas find their place in the world. We value collaborative open environments where people have a thirst for knowledge, implementing new ideas and a passion for learning from one another.

We often find ourselves drawn to projects which pursue social or environmental justice. As you will see from our portfolio we are often involved in or leading projects that incorporate some element of the four things below:

  • Partnership/audience development, network building and facilitation
  • Public and community engagement across arts and higher education
  • Systems thinking, or systems approaches to managing change
  • Devising and delivering cultural programmes.
Suha Arraf
David Owen with Suha Arraf during Conversations about Cinema

Our unique selling point is our ability to listen, collaborate and learn. We enjoy finding out what the real issues are and articulating feasible and creative ways to address them. We exceed at drawing together complex information and bringing it together into a coherent narrative.